Important Details about 2019/2020 NAFA Election opening December 4th, 2019

Emma Mak

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Elections this year are again to be conducted by email ballot.  This year's ballot includes Executive Director, Board of Directors (three positions), Judge of the Year, Clyde Moore Memorial Hall of Fame (up to two inductees) and Regional MVPs.  There are also two delegate questions.  
Opening and Closing Dates
Due to the timing of the US Thanksgiving holiday we are pushing the opening date out slightly to December 4th. 
Opens December 4th, 2019, 7AM CST
Closes January 13th, 2020, Midnight CST
Results announced:  January 18th, 2020 at AGM in Baltimore, MD
Two Questions Relating to Height of Jumps (lowering jump heights and lowering minimum)
The timing of the implementation of any rule change(s) would be decided at the January 2020 board meeting.  Current requirements are in Section 8.2 of the Rulebook:
Question 1: Pick A or B -
A.  Jump heights are five inches lower than the height at the withers of the height dog.
B.  Jump heights are six inches lower than the height at the withers of the height dog.
Question 2: Pick A or B -
A.  Minimum jump height is 7 inches.
B.  Minimum jump height is 6 inches.
Those Eligible to Vote and Vote Calculations
Club Owners, Regional Directors, Approved and Supervising Judges, and Board Members should receive ballots to their email inbox on the morning of December 4th.  To determine how many votes you will be receiving on your ballot, please refer to the Rule Book, ARTICLE VII - AFFILIATE CLUBS AND DELEGATES, Section 2 Delegate Vote Calculations.  Please note:  As a Club Owner,  to receive a ballot, the minimum teams you must have entered in Fiscal Year 2019 is four teams.  If you wish to check your vote count before the election opens, you may go here:  
Any questions regarding your vote count or the election in general should be directed to elections@...

Emma Mak
NAFA Elections Chair

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