Fiscal Year 2020 Rule Book now available on NAFA website

Emma Mak

The Fiscal Year 2020 Rule Book is live on the website.  There is a page with clickable links at the front that lists the changes.

List of Changes for the 2020 Racing Year

1) Regional Championships: a reduction from 4 to 3 teams for the Multibreed minimum class size required to count for Regional Points. See new Section 8.4 – Regional Championships, part (v).   Note:  this change is in progress in the database, so the Regional Champions reports do not yet reflect the change.

2) Clarification for Jump Height requirements for Veterans class: it is not a requirement for the Veterans class that jump heights be set to the minimum. Section 8.2(s) – The Rules of Racing

3) Update and clarification of acceptable collars, leashes and harnesses for tournaments: Section 1.3 – Collars and leads

4) Additional Multibreed Titles: Multibreed titles will be awarded up to 50,000 points. Section 8.2 Titles part (b).

5) Update to NAFA fees starting October 1st, 2019 unless otherwise noted:
• Schedule of Fees (Appendix A)
• C-6 Tournament Results Form,
• C-8 Application for NAFA® Competition Racing # (CRN),
• C-11 New Club Registration Form

6) Rule book clean-up: a) A typo in figure for Section 2.3: for caption regarding 1 & 2 inch boards: ‘equal’ changed to ‘material’.

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