Transcript for FIrst Candidate Chat - and a change for future chats

Emma Mak

The transcript for the first candidate chat can be found here:

Our next chats will be:
Tuesday November 26 - 8pm EST
Thursday December 12 - 9pm EST

We've received feedback that the software is not user friendly enough for those wanting to ask questions so, for future chats, since Facebook Messenger is familiar to most and easy to use, we'll use that (or email) to receive questions to the moderator.
Questions will be accepted via:
- Facebook Messenger to NAFA's page
- Facebook Messenger directly to moderator
- emails to elections@...
We will still use the cbox software for candidates to write their responses live, but the candidates and moderators will be the only ones that need to login to cbox (since no login is needed to watch the chat).

A reminder will be sent out closer to the date.
Thank you,
Emma Mak
NAFA Elections Chair

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