Plaque spelling for Regions 12-21

Annie Taylor

Good Morning- 

I needed one member of the following teams to contact me to confirm spelling of dogs and handler's names.
Thank you!


Region 12:

Region 13:

Region 14:

Region 15:

Region 16:

Region 18:

Region 19:

Region 20:

Region 21:

Thank you!

Andrea L. "Annie" Taylor
North American Flyball Association, Inc. (R) Awards and Scoring
Fuller's Mesquite Moxie "Moxie Princess" BC Onyx, TFWC
Tattle   Evil~Rotten  BS FM, TFP II
Stormfront's Advanced Warning "Siren"  FDCH-S, TFE I
Stormfront's Boy with a Golden Ticket "Charlie"  Crazy rescue puppy 
And my Angels Thoroughly enjoying life at the bridge
Stormfront's Too Cool For You ! "Ice"  aka - Piggy FDCH-S, TF-III 11/27/09~1/13/12
OT's Unbridled Twitch  "Twitterpate" FM, TFFC  5/24/08~ 5/29/13
Lacey Jane BC FG40K, TFPI (Best Black, White, Brown Dog Ever!)     8/4/2000~ 6/3/2013
Ruckus Border/Border FG60K, TFFC-I   7/18/2001~1/17/2018

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