Executive Director Announcement Regarding Mat Time During NAFA Sanctioned Events

Emma Mak


Recently I have had a lot of requests for allowing mat time during NAFA sanctioned events. This is an ED exception that is approved on a case by case basis. The following are some guidelines for what is looked at when allowing this exception, so clubs can consider if it’s something they would like to offer at their tournaments:
1. This is only intended for smaller events for which natural breaks would occur anyway. I do not want to the schedule to be created with the intention of forcing the mat time into the schedule, creating a long day for everyone. I would like to prevent paying tournament competitors having to unnecessarily wait for racing because of mat time. However, if breaks are necessary anyway, in order to give teams/dogs proper rest, then allowing mat time isn’t a problem.
2. Final permission will only be given after schedule has been set, and with consultation with the RD.
3. As with mat time outside of the racing day, the host club is liable for any damage to the EJS during this time.
4. No more than two dogs may be run in succession while using EJS.
5. This opportunity must be made available to all dogs and handlers - i.e. it cannot be exclusively offered to certain teams or clubs. Everyone should get an opportunity to sign up and participate.
6. Dogs that participate may not be listed on a timesheet for the on-going event.
If your club would like to offer mat time during an upcoming event, please reach out to your RD, and they can work with me to get it approved.
Neil Flood

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