Voluntary Data Gathering Initiative at CanAm - New Measuring Device

Emma Mak

NAFA is moving ahead with the data gathering initiative at CanAm as we continue to explore potentially using the FCI measuring device.  What we deem critical is creating a translation from the measurement of the dog's ulna to a comparable NAFA jump height (using our existing withers' measurements).
We are asking attendees of CanAm to consider volunteering to bring dogs that meet the criteria to participate in the data gathering process.  
To thank participants for their time, we will be distributing $10 Vendor Bucks per dog (maximum 3 x $10 Vendor Bucks per owner), which can be redeemed with CanAm's official vendors.
The data gathering will be available at the following times:
  • Friday morning at the same time as official measuring
  • Friday throughout the day, time slots will be available for signing up
  • Friday after racing
  • Saturday morning at the same time as official measuring
Please help us to plan by completing this google form to show you're willing to participate, and preferred times:   https://goo.gl/forms/2qnHRbyBcijBH1Qf1
The data gathering process will take place where measuring has occurred previously, at the entryway located on the north side of the building.  Official measuring for CanAm will be done in a separate area.
Data we'll Be tracking
Dog's gender, age, breed (if mix - please identify as many breeds as possible), withers' measurement, measurement in cm of the ulna with FCI device
What we WON'T be tracking with the measurement data
Dog's CRN, name, region, owner's name, any other way of linking the data with the dog
Requirements for participants
  1. Please do not bring your dog if you know it to be over 17" at the withers.
  2. Limit of 3 x $10 vendor bucks per owner.
  3. Please keep in mind, the measurements using both devices will not be disclosed to you.  Also, keep in mind the formula for converting the FCI measurement device measurement to NAFA jump heights has not yet been determined.
Requirements for NAFA
  1. Data will be collected anonymously.  No connection will be made from the data to the CRN or any identifying information about the dog.  All participating judges will have signed a non-disclosure form.
  2. No onlookers permitted, privacy will be top priority for participants.
  3. The NAFA Measuring Judge taking the withers' measurements will be placing the form directly into a locked box after a measurement is completed for data entry later.
Thanks for helping NAFA move forward with this initiative!

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