NAFA CanAm Honor Boards!

Kim Davis

Want to memorialize your first Flyball dog, your club, a team or team mate? You can order a plate to be displayed on the NAFA Honor Boards at CanAm each year. The closing deadline for your plate information to be displayed at this year’s CanAm Classic, is August 6th.

Check out the details at

You may also choose to honor your dog's other activities, such as obedience, agility, etc. The only requirement is that the dog, person or team you wish to honor is NAFA affiliated. Entries will be displayed as submitted on each plate, once approved by NAFA staff.

Please note, the size and height of the letters on each line will be dictated by the number of letters per line. Four to five lines of type are suggested for a single plate.

You can view a few of the existing honor boards and their plates here:


Each year, the closing date for honor boards coincides with CanAm’s tournament closing.


Any questions can be sent to honorboard@...


Thank you!

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