Upcoming move to Groups.io – a new list provider

Kim Davis

Dear NAFANews Subscribers,

We’re moving!

NAFA will be moving this list to Groups.io, a newer email list provider competing with Yahoo Groups, within the next week or two.

Why are we moving?

Yahoo stopped offering any customer service support for Yahoo Groups some time ago, and the new owners (Verizon/Oath) haven't made any public statement about the future of Yahoo Groups.

What do you need to do?

You won't have to do anything to continue receiving emails from NAFANews.

All of our content including the list of subscribers (members) will be copied to the new provider.

Warning:  your spam filter may block those notices or other emails from the new group! If you notice you’re not receiving messages, please check your spam folder.  To avoid this - add the new group email address (NAFANews@groups.io) to your address book, or add groups.io to your spam white list.

Do I need to create a login?

If you’re only interested in continuing to receive messages from NAFANews, then no.  To access the archive (to see old messages) you will need to log in to the site, but that is far easier than it ever was with Yahoo Groups.  Instructions will be included in the welcome messages you’ll receive.

The new site is here if you want to take a look, but none of our content has been copied there yet https://groups.io/g/NAFANews

When the transfer is complete you will receive two emails. One from Groups.io telling you that "You have been added" to our new group, and a Welcome message from NAFA. Look for those messages in your Inbox and/or your Spam folder.

If you have any questions, or want to make any suggestions, please contact flyball@....

Thank you,

North American Flyball Association

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