NAFA Communications Committee

Kim Davis

NAFA is pleased to share additional details regarding the formation of a new committee focusing on improving communications within the NAFA flyball community. The committee will look at not only the content of the messages, but also the various channels of communication (i.e., website, email, social media) with the goal of optimizing the message and reaching as many in the flyball community as possible.


The NAFA Communications Committee will focus on three main work streams:

1.       Official communication from the NAFA Board of Directors to the Flyball Community: This area will focus on official information regarding the NAFA Policies and Rules of Racing as well as any clarification or communication that the Board of Directors needs to provide to the flyball community.

2.       NAFA CanAm Classic Tournament: With the 10th anniversary of CanAm happening this year, we want to ensure that all information regarding this tournament is communicated to everyone in a clear and timely fashion, encouraging everyone to attend this special event.

3.       Flyball Community Engagement: This area will focus on information sharing between the participants in flyball (e.g., regional happenings, training tips, equipment advice, general Q&A, etc.).


The members of the committee are: (non-board members are identified with an asterisk *)

·         Cindy Henderson * - Committee Chair (Region 13)

·         Neil Flood (Region 3)

·         Steve Corona (Region 5)

·         Kim Davis (Region 5)

·         Emma Mak (Region 2)

·         Aaron Robbins (Region 2)

·         Dede Crough * (Region 15)

·         Kathy Haney * (Region 6/16)

·         Jayne McQuillen * (Region 21)


The committee looks forward to working with the NAFA Board of Directors and engaging the entire flyball community in a way that brings us all together for the enjoyment of flyball. If there are any suggestions for ways to improve communication, please send them to the committee chair Cindy Henderson at cindyhenderson23@... .



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