News from the AGM January 27, 2018

Kim Davis

NAFA Board of Directors Annual General Meeting, January 27th, 2018

Minneapolis, MN

Election results - This year our delegate voter turnout was remarkable. We were thrilled to see that we 90% voter turnout for our ballots this year!

Announcement of New Officers:
Chairman of the Board: Steve Corona
Vice Chairman: John Hendriks
Secretary: Kim Davis
Treasurer: Dana Hanson

Delegate Vote Results and Changes

This past year has been a busy year with changes and trial periods. For much of this past year we have implemented a trial period for changes to the jump height requirements and false starts in the open class. During that time we solicited feedback and received a lot of responses on these topics, as well as for the removal of false starts in the regular and multibreed class. Following that feedback period we held a delegate vote on these issues. 

From the feedback and voting results, we would like to announce the following changes: 
o The Open trial period changes of no false starts, and ability to run any jump height between the minimum and maximum, will continue through the end of this flyball year. Additionally any host clubs that would like to offer a practice start before the first heat in a race will be allowed to do so without the need for ED approval.
o Effective October 1st, 2018, these changes will be officially in the rulebook, and the practice start will offered to all competitors.
o Effective October 1st, 2018, there will no longer be false starts in the regular and multibreed classes of racing. The ability for competitors to have a practice start before the first heat in a race will also be offered.

NAFA is creating a new special committee, whose primary responsibility will focus on communications. We are looking to improve the ways we communicate with our members, as well as finding better ways to improve the pace at which we communicate updates.

FCI World Cup
This past August, NAFA was approached by the FCI, which is a world governing body of many dog sports, about attending the inaugural World Cup of Flyball this coming August, which will be held in France. NAFA did a lot of analysis on logistics and costs. Due to the short timeline and planning, both financially and logistically, NAFA isn’t going to fund teams to enter this year, but plans to work towards attendance at the 2020 World Cup. We plan to create and publish selection criteria for teams by the end of this fiscal year. While there is a chance one of top finisher in the NAFA Championship standings may attend the event if they can raise their own funds, NAFA will send a delegate to the event to better understand the logisitics, as we well as work with the FCI to help us prepare for 2020. 

A huge thank you to one of our board members that is rolling off after his two terms have ended. 

Dale Smith has been an instrumental member of the flyball community and a major contributor to the NAFA Board of Directors. While this is the end of 6 consecutive years on the board, Dale has in fact served a total of 21 for the board. His contributions to the sport extend well beyond his contributions directly to the board. Dale was instrumental in the development of our current EJS, and is currently working hard at helping develop the next generation of lights. Dale’s contribution to the technology side of flyball on the whole is amazing. He created the NAFA Flyball Database that drives all our points, titles, and regional standings. Additionally, he created the flyball optimizer that NAFA uses to generate schedules for tournaments. If that all wasn’t enough, Dale has worked tirelessly to help create and maintain our rulebook, been a critical contributor to CanAm, and that’s all when he isn’t busy functioning as a NAFA Supervising Judge. He is one of our longest tenured active judge in flyball. So please join me in offering a huge “Thank You” to Dale Smith!

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