Highlights from the May 6th NAFA Board meeting

Kim Davis

Regional Director appointments:

- Region 5: Mike Smith (replacing Steve Corona).

- Region 6: Dave Gillett (replacing Karl Ruetz). Also Dave is cross training Meagan Langs to take over next NAFA year.

- Region 13: Kiera Chin as Co-RD (Terri Parrow Botsford remains as the other Co-RD).

- Region 15: Carle Lee Detweiler (replacing Bill Bunting).


Thank you to Steve, Karl and Bill for all their work for NAFA as Regional Directors. Additional thanks to Mike, Dave, Meaghan, Kiera, and Carle Lee for stepping up to help.



Stephanie Trevino (Norfolk, VA) has been promoted from Provisional to Approved Judge.



NAFA plans to have a new Height Card process for the 2018 racing year. There will be a new judging role, called a “Measuring Judge”. While the wording is not finalized and can change, we do have a framework:


NAFA Measuring Judge Framework

1. The Board shall appoint, train, and certify an appropriate number of approved or supervising judges to serve as NAFA(R) Measuring Judges, as needed to meet this objective.


2. NAFA Measuring Judges shall be trained by the Board or its designees and certified by the NAFA Board of Directors.

3. Re-certification every two years shall be required to remain a NAFA(R) Measuring Judge.

4. NAFA Measuring Judges are required to travel to designated events to complete any required training and certification/re-certification.

5. NAFA Measuring Judges are required to travel to measure dogs for height Card applications assigned to them by NAFA. Travel costs will be covered by NAFA.

6. Upon completion of the measuring assignment, the NAFA Measuring judge may act in a relief capacity at tournament if they so choose, but not act as the primary judge for an event. Additionally, the Host club may not compensate the NAFA Measuring judge.


7. Dismissal of a NAFA Measuring Judge

    a) The Board of Directors reserves the right to remove any NAFA(R) Measuring Judge at  any time with or without just cause by resolution adopted by a majority of the Directors then in office.

    b) Any NAFA(R) Measuring Judge may resign at any given time by giving written notice to the Chairperson of the Board or the Secretary of the Corporation



Additionally, as it pertains to height cards the following was also agreed upon:


Previously, from the March 20th Board of Directors Teleconference, current Height Cards were invalidated effective May 1st. Anyone that had an active dog, as of May 1st 2017,  with a height card, will have two options going forward:

a. A full refund of the Height Card Application Fee.

b. A free Height Card application under the new process for the dog that held the previous Height Card.



Thank you.

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