Highlights from the board meeting and election results

Kim Davis

Newly elected board members:
Leerie Jenkins
Dirk Elber
John Hendriks 

Neil Flood is Executive Director

Lynda Mantler has been appointed to the board to serve out the final year of Neil Flood's term.

Judge of the Year is Steve Heine

Clyde Moore Hall of Fame inductees are Shiner and Fever

NAFA Regular Champions are Instant Replay

NAFA Multibreed Champions are Crazy Train

Beginning May 01, 2017 there will no longer be the requirement to run a height dog on Open. Teams will be allowed to run at which ever height that they choose, no less than the minimum required by 8.2 of Rules of Racing.

Clarification of the measuring stance with revised wording and illustrations has been approved.

The height card process is being revised.

Thank you.

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