Josh Beissel Spirit of Flyball 2016

Kim Davis

Presented by Animal Inn, the ”Josh Beissel Spirit of Flyball” Award will be given to the person(s) that, like Josh, exhibit and embody exceptional goodwill and sportsmanship towards other teams, as well as displaying a real passion and excitement for the thrill of competition and racing.

Josh had a competitor's enthusiasm for racing but he was always humble in victory, gracious in defeat, and when he wasn't in the lanes racing he could always be found assisting another team or the host club.

Josh embodied the spirit of a true ambassador of Flyball and Animal Inn was proud to have had him as a member.

This award is intended to recognize others in our Flyball community that also embody that same spirit and joy for the game that we all love so much.

To nominate someone for the "Josh Beissel Spirit of Flyball Award 2016", please submit your nomination to AnimalInnFlyball@... by September 23rd.

Animal Inn will select a recipient from those nominated by the nomination deadline.

The award will be presented at the awards ceremony Saturday night at this year's NAFA CanAm Classic in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Any questions can be directed to AnimalInnFlyball@....


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Thank you.

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