2016 CanAm Gift Basket Exchange!

Kim Davis

All clubs headed to CanAm this October, come on and get to know your Flyball neighbors from the north, south, east or west!

Sign up for the annual gift basket exchange and participate in the meet-and-greet.

Deadline is September 15th.

Plenty of new clubs and lots of returning clubs are coming to compete. You might as well get to know some of the Flyballers from other areas; we have people coming from just about as far south, west, north AND east as you can get in North America!


Surely there's someone you haven't met yet.  How about joining in on the Gift Basket Exchange?


Each participating club brings a gift basket and is paired with another club of similar size. During the gift basket exchange you'll meet and get to know people you probably don't already and exchange baskets. 


A better explanation and signup is found here




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