Less than 71 days till CanAm 2015!

Kim Davis

We are looking for volunteers to help fill the 7 rings worth of Line/Box Judge chairs on a full time basis for one, two or possibly all 3 days.

As in the past we will again be offering a stipend for all full time volunteers to help with hotel, food and travel expenses, as well being eligible for numerous drawings throughout the weekend.

This year we are also making this offer of a stipend available to Clubs, Combination of various Clubs such as we had from a couple regions last year, or Groups of Individuals that will take responsibility for one or more chairs on a full time basis for a single day or for multiple days.

In addition, we always welcome those individuals that would like to come up throughout the day to help give our full time volunteers time for a break.

If you are interested in joining the list as a full time volunteer, whether for one, two or all three days, or would like to be included as a part time volunteer, please contact John Hendriks at


Thank you!

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