From the NAFA Chairman of the Board

Kim Davis <kim.davis@...>

NAFA is committed to providing an inclusive environment at our events for all our participants (both canine and human). Legislation that legalizes discrimination against any portion of our population is unacceptable and the consequences of such legislation should be addressed. We have a mandate to protect the participants of our sport from potential harassment and discrimination, as evidenced by our stance against tournaments hosted in BSL communities. The situation in Indiana, which affects not only the LGBT community but all of us in NAFA, should not be overlooked. 


We expect this legislation will face legal challenges and we hope to see it overturned. Organizations with a larger financial impact in Indiana are already leading the effort to overturn this law by boycotting the state, but if this law is allowed to stand, NAFA will reevaluate the presence of CanAm in Indianapolis.


We are contractually obligated to the Indiana State Fair Grounds for 2015 and 2016, but will certainly reevaluate this relationship if this legislation stands.  Until that time, we will do all we can to defend those who could be negatively affected.  In the meantime, we encourage our participants to patronize businesses in Indiana that display signs indicating "This Business is Open to Everyone."


We look forward to continuing playing flyball in a diverse and inclusive community.  We hope to see you ALL at CanAm.




Leerie Jenkins

Chairman, North American Flyball Association, Inc.


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