Help, We Need Somebody! Help, Not Just Anybody!

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Help, You Know We Need Someone, Help!*

And CanAm Competitors, you are NOT just anybody -- You're part of the LARGEST Flyball Tournament in the World!

And an event of this magnitude does not run without lots of people willing to help out. As a Line Judge, you could have an upclose and personal view of some of the best teams in the world, AND you will be helping to make CanAm 2012 a great success!

CanAm is just over a month away and we are looking for individuals or clubs that can help us out with Line Judging and Running Time Sheets on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

If your club would be willing to fill a chair, or two, it would be greatly appreciated. We would ask that a club take responsibility to keep the chair(s) filled for six-hour shifts or for a full day.

All of our volunteers are entered for gift certificates which will be drawn at the end of each day and for random drawings during the day.

For dedicated, full time volunteers we will once again offer a CanAm Volunteer Tshirt (if you sign up before September 14, 2012) and a stipend of : Travel expenses $100, Meal Allowance: $25/day , Hotel Allowance: $35/day.

If you are coming to Indianapolis and would like to help by having your club fill a chair or two for a block of six hours or, as an individual you would be willing to fill a dedicated/full time role, or a part time volunteer, please contact Dave Walt at dwalt1979@... .

Thanks to all that have signed up so far!

Visit for more details!

Thank you,

Kim Davis, Webmaster
North American Flyball Association, Inc.®

* My apologies to the Fab Four!

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