CanAm 2012 Meet & Greet Gift Basket Exchange

Ally at <love2fetch@...>

This email was sent to all of the CanAm 2012 team contacts. In case it
doesn't get to you here's the email:

It's back!!! The CanAm "Meet and Greet Gift Basket Exchange"! Last
year's basket exchange was such a hit- we're doing it again. This is a
great way for your club to meet clubs from other regions. Each
participating club would both give and receive a basket. We will assign
clubs to each other and let you know in advance to whom you are giving your
basket. What should you include? Use your creativity and imagination! It
can be a theme basket of items that are only found in your region, state or
province. It could be a snack basket for the people. Or, perhaps just
something for the dogs. It doesn't have to be extravagant, just something
fun you want to share. Don't have a basket? No worries, just put the items
in a gift bag.

If your club would like to be included in the meet and greet exchange please
email me at ally@..., by Friday, September 14, 2012. Your email
should include your club name, region and the number of people attending the
CanAm. I will let you know by Wednesday, September 19 what club you will be
gifting so that you can plan and make purchases for your basket/bag. I will
assign you a club, provide the club name and number of people attending the
CanAm. There will be no organized time for the gift exchange. Each club
will deliver their baskets at their own convenience. Let me know if you
have any questions. Have Fun!

Ally Stern-Kolesnikow
DogZworth- Montreal, Canada

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