Trouble When Running ExpressVPN

Angelo Bione

This just started happening this evening. Usually I run ExpressVPN on my PC at all times. Starting this evening, ACLog would not start up unless I shut it off. The screen and database would load but then just get a Windows spinning circle. Had to force the program to close. If I turned on Norton360 VPN it worked fine. Later I tried a different ExpressVPN Server and had no problem. Just seemed to be if I connected through my nearest Atlanta. 

Just an FYI in case someone else sees a similar issue. 

Bill DeVore

When I see a problem like this with ExpressVPN, I switch servers to fix the problem. I also moved over to Surfshark as my VPN. It's getting good reviews and is more cost effective.

Bill - W3NM



I recently had s similar problem with NordVPN.   Similar as much as NordVPN running on Linux can be to ExpressVPN running on M$Windows..  My problem was access to my router connected network storage had stopped working.  I suspect it was because of an update to OpenVPN which, IIRC, is also used by ExpressVPN.

The solution was to whitelist my LAN IP address in the VPN. 

Defaults are typically or  You can find yours by opening the router admin in your browser.  It's been many years since I used ExpressVPN and I don't recall any of their features/commands but you might find a similar approach worth looking into.  It sure beats hunting for servers that will cooperate.

Good luck es 73,
Doug, W5DET