Success reading freq and mode with Icom


Problem solved -- already!

A HUGE thanks to David Whaley, NT9E, who replied with the suggestion that the problem probably was with the Comm port settings more than with the settings within ACLog itself. Sure enough... I went to Control Panel > System > Hardware > Device Manager > Ports > COM1 > Port Settings and set it for 19200 BPS, Data bits = 8, Parity = None, Stop bits = 1, and Flow control = None.

Then I went to the ACLog Rig Interface Setup window, set it for Comm Port 1, 19.2 K, Parity = None, Data bits = 8, Stop bits = 1, Connection power = DTR, and Polling rate = 100 ms (any speed works, I think). In the string to read frequency and string to read mode I made sure that the 3rd character was "58", which is the code for the 706MKIIG (the manual for the radio shows the code), and KAZOWIE! Everything worked!

Thanks again, David.

73, Chuck K9PLX