Please Test AC Log Beta!

Scott Davis

Hi All,

I am making some good progress here and at a good point for testing the latest integrations...

-  I added additional sub menu options off of Settings > Edit Fields Displayed to make the saving and loading of your customized text entry field layouts more intuitive.

-  The following forms will scale with font:  Main, LoTW, Awards 1, Awards 2, Network (also can just shows status), Frequency privileges.

-  I've added considerable functionality to the Frequency Privileges form.  In AC Log you will find it under Help (it is under Band in the contest software).  The frequency privilege form resizes, optionally displays DX Spots, can optionally stay on top, displays current frequency as a red bar, you can click on a spot to tune to the spot frequency and the form can be set to only show up to 10 meters.  Note that you must show the whole form to size it.


If you would like to give Beta a try, you can install it from here (no need to uninstall the previous version):

Please let me know how you make out!


73, Scott

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