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JOHN BROCK.  I tried to reply with helpful info.  But your E-mail address is bouncing, comes back as undeliverable.


My opinion of using E-QSL for any sort of portable work is this….. better left unopened.

I wrote two documents for Scott-N3FJP.  Scott posted them on his help-pages, under LoTW help.  Read them, they are pretty much STEP-BY-STEP info on what you need to know and do for portable operations and LoTW.  I did this so I wouldn’t have to re-write it each time someone had a question.


Check them out.  If you have more questions after reading it, feel free to yell at me again.  Please use an E-mail address that don’t bounce.



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Hi Mike.

Saw your post on N3FJP group. I am going to operate portable this summer from my boat dock for the first time ever. I do use LoTW and eQSL, but am a novice at using them. I am curious about logging portable  on N3FJP log as well as LoTW. What is your practice?






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