ACLog with Xiegu G90


I purchased the G90 to use for POTA/SOTA activations this week and have two small issues. I did a lot of research before the rig arrived, and I know the support for the Xiegu is very limited. I successfully configured it for Rig Control using the ICOM 7100 as the radio.

One of the limitations of this radio is no memory keys for CW or SSB. I have a keyer that works with serial to USB and it configured fine with ACLog as well (first try). However even changing the CW speed on the radio and ACLog, to get to 20 WPM the speed in ACLog is set at 110 WPM. I am going to be getting a K1EL WinKeyer Mini probably tomorrow, which I'm hoping resolves this issue I am having tonight. Is this a known issue?

The other involves the DX Cluster feature. If I click on the spot, it takes me to the frequency and fills in the callsign, however if my radio is set on CW and it's a SSB signal, it does not change the mode on the radio to match the spot. Is this something that a setting in ACLog will fix?

For those who know I use my IC 705 for POTA, I decided to keep it in the house with my IC 7300 as they each serve purposes for me in the shack. The G90 is a really nice little radio for the price!

73 Scott