Error Connection database V6.8

Patrick Moonen


Got a new computer in use and can't upload my .ADIF file in AClog. Always get this notification in AClog.
I use Windows 10 Home Version 20H2 build 19042.868 for your information.
I am posting some photo of the notification get this message after a while and then it goes per call back on the screen.

In this order I get the message and then start again with the next call.
Can anyone give info how I can solve the problem thanks.

73 Pat

Jim Storms

You do not have rights to the directory. Probably windows defender and the new protect me from myself feature. Look at program block log and click the option to give it access. I have run into this as Microsoft does not recognize n3fjp programs as legit. 

jim Storms

Patrick Moonen

Hi Jim,

The problem has been solved my adif file was too big.
There was too much info in the adif file.

73 Pat - ON3CQ