AC Log with Wine


Hi gang,

Longtime user of N3FJP...with Windows. I am the recipient of the old laptop my wife had.  It's a Celeron Dual Core, 8GB RAM, 500GB SSD, new battery, new Operating System.

The OS os Linux Mint 20 with Xfce desktop. Running Wine 5.0.3 and Winetricks released on 20201206.

I have N3FJP installed. I used the document at to do the install.

When i run the application, I can add a record to the screen but when I exit I get this error:

I have verified this is the right path, is there something maybe set wrong in Wine?

When entering a contact...I get this error:

I am not running this over the network, it is on my local drive.

Could this be a write permissions issue? 

73 de KB9BVN
Brian Murrey