DXCC credits consolidation and tracking


I shouldn't mention this here but still hope there is a solution.
I use the good ol' ACL and try to keep up with my DSCC credits, QSLs, etc. 
But getting it and LOTW or CLULOG to agree is impossible.

I thought LOTW contacts automatically went toward your DXCC certificate, but I did something there and it cost me $36 to get some credits. A fee and 10 cents per credit.
Anxious to see if that bumps up my credits.
Keeping track of the paperwork is a chore. Mailing DX QSLs & $, sending to the bureau, etc 

Some like the HRD logger. Is it any good? If so I'll import ACL into it periodically to 'balance the budget'
Help appreciated. 
73, Bo W4GHV since '54