Resolved - Club Score Processor 1.1 "Could Not Create SSL/TLS Secure Channel"


I just wanted to throw this out there as a fix that I came across to fix an issue I was having earlier today.

I had a (what I believe to be) up to date Windows 10 Machine (minus the Build 2004 update) that I installed Club Score Processor onto.  However, when attempting to access my score file that was uploaded to the web server (that does have an SSL certificate on it), I was getting that error.

The solution appeared to be following the steps outlined (here) in steps 1 & 3.  I did not do step 2, as I was uncertain if it'd have any impacts on other software running on there (although, right now the only other main thing is the club's EchoLink server in testing).

Just wanted to share that information -- I am not sure if it's a design issue that may need to be tweaked (feel free to look at the SSL certificate information here) or just something goofy with that workstation, but with Field Day rapidly approaching, I wanted to pass this along.



K5MSK (Michael)

Thank you very much for this write-up!  I was having issues as well and this fixed it.
Who knew .NET wasn't configured "out of the box" for secure communications? Not me. I'm a long-time Linux nerd.  :)
Thanks, Charles!