Logging the minor contests with existing programs

Jim Shorney

Check out Genlog32. It is a lightweight logger that supports a boatload of contests. You can export an ADIF for ACL to gobble up when you are done.

It was my contest logger of choice for many years before I bought the N3FJP suite. I still use it occasionally for odd purposes.



On Sat, 04 Apr 2020 16:12:53 -0700
"Bo W4GHV" <@BoBarry> wrote:

Tried the EA RTTY with a variety of the programs and found none that will allow a serial number to be a LETTER. (The Spain contests provide them not letters).
Resorted to paper logging and the excitement goes away.
Learning N1MM has been too much of a chore for this old man.
73, Bo W4GHV since '54

n3nz Noel

The WriteLog software accepts the LETTER in place of numerals in the EA RTTY contest

73, Noel (OM) N3NZ