IC-7300, fldigi, N3FJP logging, and K1EL Winkeyer, RTTY (or CW) contest setup for new fldigi


Here's my latest version, for the latest fldigi which has significant changes in the config menu. Hoping I have it all correct. Some strange things happening, but it works

RTTY setup with Winkeyer, IC-7300 RTTY mode/decode, fldigi, N3FJP logging
  3/17/20 W4GHV update for fldigi version 4.1.09   major changes
1. deleted.
2. Using the Wktools program, check Winkeyer com port, test it, EXIT. I have user2 set for RTTY.
3. Start fldigi, config, contests, general. Pick the desired contest. If ‘no contest’ is your option, you can attempt to use the N3FJP normal logging program. Start the desired N3FJP program.
4. Select RTTY mode on fldigi AND the Icom.
5. fldigi config, rig control, (CAT) Rigcat.
6. Fldigi config,operating, active modem, TTY, Winkeyer3, connect, (PC Com1 for my Winkeyer), FSK port On KEY, mark normal, diddle on, echo Off, save, close. NOTE THE RTTY CABLE GOING TO THE RIG IS IN THE PTT JACK, NOT THE KEY JACK!!!
7. fldigi config, save config. EXIT fldigi, restart!   IMPORTANT
8. Fldigi config, misc, sweet spot set to 2210 AFC OFF when using fldigi & the rig in RTTY mode.
9. Fldigi config,logging, N3FJP logs,Enable Data Stream,connect.
10. You should get N3FJP & Winkeyer connected messages on fldigi.
10. Tune signals ON THE ICOM using the decode/waterfall. Signal should appear at 2210 on fldigi. A 350 Hz filter setting on the Icom works great.
11. Operate fldigi as normal. Its macros or stored messages on the Icom work equally well.
12. RTTY tuning/selecting is BETTER on the ICOM vs the mouse with fldigi.
13. RTTY reception was BETTER on FLDIGI a couple times. None of the ICOM RTTY settings have been altered.
14. Basically for this setup the Winkeyer was only used to provide FSK for the Icom in RTTY mode. It can also be used in the standalone mode for RTTY (to be tested soon, IF I ever hear RTTY during non-contests)
15. Another option. Set the Icom filter to 3kHz, select the signal on the fldigi waterfall, then hit the QSY icon to take the signal to the sweet spot. Handy! AFC works in this mode.
1. Do QRZ or something to test. Hitting TUNE does not show RTTY operation. (Learned the hard way. No diddles in TUNE)
2. I found fldigi needed to be in the REVERSE mode to copy properly when set up in the RTTY (not USB-D) mode. 
3. This operation can also be used to do 'normal' CW with both the Icom & fldigi in CW mode by picking the other Pin on the Winkeyer. Complete info on setting the Winkeyer up for both modes is on the K1EL site.
73, Bo W4GHV since '54