ACLog 2.5 Beta Bug Report Status 2

Scott Davis

Hi All,

Another issue has come to light:

Bug #5: Jim, KB9DNA Reports: "The standard QSL R does not seem to stick through LOTW "All Data" downloads that haven't been confirmed. For example, I have a QSL card and check QSL R as well as put a 'C' in the R Conf By column. When I do an "All Data" download, the 'C' stays there but the QSL R is removed."

Bug #5: Status: Jim, GREAT catch, thank you. I have corrected that problem (and incorporated your other two suggestions). If you already have 2.5 installed The latest .exe file can be downloaded by clicking on this link:

Just replace the existing file in c:\program files\aclog 2.5 with the file that you download above.

As of 10:15 AM Eastern 11/11/03 I have also uploaded a new installation package with the same corrections. If you haven't installed the beta version of ACLog 2.5, you can download the installation files from:

The installation package only needs to be downloaded if you haven't already installed version 2.5. If you have installed version 2.5, just download the .exe file from the first link.

So, bugs 1 and 5 I believe are corrected, bug 4 will be addressed in the future but is not specific to ACLog 2.5. The remaining active issues that have come to light so far are:

- Bug #2: The time Window for recognizing a confirmed contact (currently set at 15 minutes) form LoTW downloads. FYI, if not found it is added to your log as a new contact.

- Bug #3: The Worked All Calculations not showing data in the list. I have a suspicion that this may be a specific problem to one log since I have not received any other reports.

Again, thanks so much and please keep your observations coming. This is VERY helpful!

73, Scott

Dave Rozzana <dave@...>


Just wanted to mention that the zone issue works fine in v2.4. Only v2.5
shows multiple zones, 8 and 08 etc., incorrectly.
Looking into it further, however, there may be an issue with the import of
the v2.4 data into v2.5. When I look at the data in v2.4 I only have two
digit zones. v2.5 has included some single digit zones, for whatever reason,
from the same data.
Probably talking out of turn, but perhaps that is what happened (on a larger
scale) with the gent who had trouble with Awards....your bug #3.

Dave Rozzana, N6PZ

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So, bugs 1 and 5 I believe are corrected, bug 4 will be addressed in the
future but is not specific to ACLog 2.5.