Scott Davis

Hi All,

I have several N3FJP Software Announcements:

N3FJP's PA QSO Party Log 1.0 is now available!

Like the rest of my contesting software, this program performs all the functions you have come to expect including:

- EASY, intuitive and fun to use!
- Checks for duplicates (including partials).
- Lists all contacts.
- Generate CW via your comm port and play wave files for phone automation.
- Writes files for log submission.
- Writes ADIF Export file format.
- Provides DX spotting via Telnet, your TNC or AGW Packet Engine.
- Interfaces with most Elecraft, Icom, Kenwood, Ten-Tec and Yaesu radios.
- Provides many current statistics and visual displays.

Like all my Amateur Radio Software, this program is included with N3FJP's $39 and $49 (with CD) software package registration.  If you would like to upgrade to the package, I would be glad to apply the amount that you have already registered as a credit towards that purchase.  Please send me an e-mail, and I will let you know your balance.

The Amateur Contact Log Call Data has been updated!

I have updated the calldata from the FCC and RAC databases as of July 6, 2003.  You can download the data from the ACLog page on

Amateur Exam 1.1 is now available!

I have updated the Amateur Exam study program to include a display of the frequency privileges for all classes of license.  This program is free to anyone, so please share it with anybody you know who may be interested in our great hobby.

Amateur Contact Log Upgrade Underway!

When I first wrote ACLog in 1998, 16 Meg of RAM was a lot.  For that reason I designed ACLog to access all log data from the hard drive so there would be no limitation to the number of contacts we could log.  The sacrifice was a certain amount of speed for searches and queries.

With standard RAM in today's PC's being almost 10-fold (or more), I've decided to see what I can do about adding some pep to the database functions.  Test logs are okay, but I'd much rather work with real ones during the development of this enhancement.  If you have several thousand contacts (or more) in your log, I'd really appreciate it if you would export your log in ACLog format and e-mail it to me for testing.

For those of you who still have older PC's as your shack computer (as I do) don't worry.  My plan is to provide the option to use either your RAM or hard drive.

Field Day Thanks!

Thanks so much for all the kind words regarding the Field Day Network and Field Day Contest Log programs.  I really appreciate it.  Kim and I really enjoyed working so many of you during the contest.  It made a great event even more fun.  If your group used N3FJP software and have pictures of the 2003 event on the web, please send me a link!

As always, thanks so much for all your thoughts, suggestions, kind words and spreading the word about my software.  I really appreciate it.


Scott, N3FJP

Serving the Amateur Radio Community with general logging and contesting software since 1997.