Re: CW Parallel Port Schematics

Darrell Ringer

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I also have learned in several contests that I can use my paddles
(Mercury) with the rig at the same time I have the keyboard hooked
up to the rig to transmitt CW both ways. That is a good idea for
those of you who have QRP rigs too. Add a plug input for the
paddles as well as the one for the connection to the laptop or
PC so that you can use both for the generation of CW.
With the W1GEE serial adapter I simply added a Radio Shack 2 to 1
stereo headphone adapter at the key jack of my Icom 740. I turn off
the internal keyer and plug the computer into one side and my keyer,
bug, or straight key into the other side. Obviously you can't use an
internal keyer with any external keying device, but the use of a
keyer or a manual key allows a quick comment or repeat, but more
importantly allows a constant key down condition to touch up the
antenna tuner.

As a suggestion, Scott it would be nice to have a tune button or
keyboard key (~ perhaps)for tune/touch-up purposes with boatanchor
transmitters or antenna tuners.

Dan, K8WV

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