Re: CW Parallel Port Schematics

John Paul/AB4PP

Scott and users:
I have already been using the serial port version (without upgrades)
for several months and it worked very well on the serial port.
When I got the laptop home finally and started to use it with the base
rig, instead of my qrp rigs (Sierra and Norcal 40a) I had to have a
way to use the keyboard for CW too; since I use the serial port
at the house for my external keyboard.
I am using the keyboard as it is easier to enter all my data into the
AC Logger. I also have a mouse hooked up externally and that
facilitates the moving of the cursor faster than using the little button
on my laptop.
So, when this revision for the parallel port came out it was a good
idea to change. I am making up a connector and will report on
the use of that with the serial port in use too.
I work about 99% CW anyway. I get on SSB rarely and then to
work a rare DX station who does not work CW. I work the MARS
nets on SSB and have to have a mike only for those two reasons.
I also have learned in several contests that I can use my paddles
(Mercury) with the rig at the same time I have the keyboard hooked
up to the rig to transmitt CW both ways. That is a good idea for
those of you who have QRP rigs too. Add a plug input for the
paddles as well as the one for the connection to the laptop or
PC so that you can use both for the generation of CW. I rarely use
the keyboard cept for the contests. It is a major help and saves
time and frustration. I also have found that using the keyboard
function with the laptop eliminates the use of a memory keyer
and that is one less thing to put in my backpack to take on the hikes
and trips with the tent and all. It makes it lighter a bit and makes
more room for a couple more snacks.
Thanks again Scott for the new revision and looking forward to the
changes in the upgrade so I can log faster on the AC Logger program.

p.s. a word of advice, make sure you check the polarity of the 2n2222
when you wire it up so that you don't fry it when you apply power and
try to transmitt. OR, keep an extra on hand for the replacement. It is
a very easy mod to make and certainly a lot cheaper to make than to
buy from the people making them. Rad Shack has the parts and it is
very inexpensive to make. Have fun soldering!

John Paul, Raleigh, NC [AB4PP]//NNNUTV
"We all take different paths in life, but no matter where
we go, we take a little of each other everywhere."

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