Re: CW Parallel Port Schematics

Scott Davis

Hi Dan,

Thanks for the good report.

The problem has been for those of us who want to send CW and use the rig interface features with one serial port in our machines. With the CW parallel port upgrade you can send CW via the parallel port and use the rig interface or packet DX spotting features via the serial port at the same time.

73, Scott

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In a message dated 7/24/2003 9:29:55 PM Eastern Standard Time, "Darrell Ringer" <> writes:

I've been using W1GEE's serial CW adapter with great success and no
problems from 7 to 40 wpm.

Is there any advantage to the parallel port adapter? Or is it just a
matter of what's available on your computer?

Dan, K8WV

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