Re: Initial upload to QRZ

Dan Morris

I just upgraded and uploaded about 400 QSO’s to QRZ with no problem!!

Another question I have is I want now to download and and I click on ‘All Since’ and it comes up and asks me to enter the starting date of records I would like to query?    If I press OK will another item come up and ask me for and ending date?

Or will it just query downloads from that starting date all the way through.  I have not uploaded every QSO record yet.  Many I already have QSL’s for so I only want to send those I have no QSL’s for !!

Dan Morris  KZ3T

I live to live for Him!

On Jul 21, 2022, at 5:44 PM, jmp@... wrote:

I have 406 QSO's in QRZ and want to try the upload from N3FJP to QRZ but I am concerned that it will take all my QSO's that are in both and duplicate them in QRZ!

I don't want to just try it and then have to manually back out 406 entries.

What I have been doing is to upload from N3FJP to LOTW and then down load from LOTW to QRZ.  It works but is a couple extra steps.

Has anyone tried the N3FJP upload to QRZ to an existing account and how did it work?

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