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Christopher Scibelli

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Here's my  belt and suspenders log path...

I log each contact to ACLog (N3FJP). Then...
I upload to LoTW at the end of the session. Then...
At the end of the day I download any confirmed or accepted LoTW files back into ACLog to update the ACLog entries. Then.....
I import the LoTW updates into my QRZ log directly from LoTW with a couple of easy key strokes. Then...
Each night when I close my ACLog it automatically saves the ACLog mdb file to my DropBox account.
Occasionally I will upload my log to eQSL for any folks that prefer that logging technique.

The mdb file in my DropBox account is my primary backup file stored offsite. If a disaster happens (i.e. Fire, theft, tornado or computer failure etc.) I can easily get my ACLog file back in the original file format that ACLog understands.

Bob - W8RES

I had to doublecheck to make sure I had written your message.  I basically do the same thing except I upload to eQSL after each session and I occasionally upload to QRZ for those who use that.  I also upload to Clublog after each session so I can see what I have worked, confirmed, and Verified.

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