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Christopher Scibelli

I know I never sent any part of the message when I returned to the hobby after a 15-year break and I received QSLs that year.  Also, as I wrote in my previous message, the box that had the question about the Sec. of Defense's message didn't appear to be a required answer.  I sent the QSL request without a message and it went off on its merry way.  If I get some QSLs back I'll write a message to the group in case this question ever comes up again.

I had heard or read that a station in Alaska was used but I don't see one in the station list.  If anybody knows what station was used I'd appreciate it for next year.  With increasing solar activity I hope to work Schofield Barracks, Hawaii, and maybe even Camp Foster Okinawa next year.  I'll also be prepared for the Sec. of Defense's  message. 


Chris  NU1O

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Despite sending a reminder message to my club about this activity, I forgot to participate this year.  But in the past I have, and I've received QSL cards without copying any message.

The only problem has been that when I upload my log to Clublog, it protests the calls.

Wes  N7WS

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