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Christopher Scibelli

By chance I tuned into the CW broadcast, but it was already underway. I copied what I heard in my head, but I have no recollection of that transmission other than a bunch of platitudes. 

A little while ago, I noticed that question did not have a red star which means it was NOT required.  So I sent in what I had filled out and I'll hope for the best.  When I got back into the hobby back in 2010, I was on for AFD and I have a few QSLs for the event. I know I did not listen to the Sec of DoDs broadcast. I just worked a few stations.

Thanks for the clarification. It was appreciated.


Chris  NU1O

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Hello Chris - 

I did not participate in this year's contest, but as I understand it, the message is the AFD message that was broadcast as part of the contest. They are asking you to fill in what YOU received so it can be checked for accuracy. Like an exchange at Field Day or other contest.

Mike in Poquoson VA

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