Re: Weekly MST CW contest? Exchange Name and Ser Nr

Christopher Scibelli

I hear a bunch of stations calling MST but they are giving out membership numbers.  How does one get a membership number and what club must one join.  I am a CW Ops lifetime member.  All of these different organizations are great for those who want to keep up their CW speed but this is confusing as hell.  I did spend at least half an hour looking for a group but I came up with a big fat zero.

I could've worked twenty stations while I was puttering around on Google.

Chris  NU1O

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Subject: [N3FJPSoftwareUsers] Weekly MST CW contest? Exchange Name and Ser Nr

Is there a contest logging module that would work for the new weekly MST CW contests?

The exchange is NAME and then SERIAL NR.

Contest announcement and rules are below.
Glenn AE0Q
ex GM5BKC NSGA Edzell 1974-78
ex ZB2WZ NSGA Rota 1974

New MST Contest to start May 2, sponsored by the International CW Council (ICWC)
Here are the details:

MST Rules

 Times: Every Monday: 1300-1400Z and 1900-2000Z  STARTING MAY 2
Every Tuesday:  0300-0400Z
Code Speed: Please keep speeds at 20-25wpm and be willing to reduce your speed on request.
Power Levels: QRP (5W or less), LP (6W-100W), HP (Over 100W- maximum allowed for your station)
Frequencies: in KHZ. ICWC is following the bands plans of IARU.
160m: 1812-1828
80m: 3528-3550
40m: **See below for QRP frequency
7025-7040 in IARU region 1 (Europe, Africa, ME, North Asia)
7028-7050 in IARU region 2 (The Americas)
7015-7029 in IARU region 3 (S. Asia, E. Asia, Pacific)
20m: 14028-14050
15m: 21028-21050
10m: 28028-28050
**All IARU regions respect the QRP frequency of 7030 +/- 0.5khz where any running station (calling CQ) should be at 5 watts maximum
Exchange: Name and QSO serial number
Scoring: To be submitted to website without logs. Keep logs available in your station.
The final score can be calculated by counting 1 point per QSO (work a station once per band only) and multiplying total points by the number of unique callsigns worked. Example:
If you had 75 QSOs on all bands with 40 unique call signs, your score is 75 x 40 = 3000.

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