Limit QSOs that open. Used to be under the Topic Heading "list"

Christopher Scibelli

Hi All,

I unsubscribed from all the mail this group gets because I was getting a lot of mail from a group I need which pertains to my profession.

Under an older version of AC Log One could set the amount of QSOs that would open from the log.  AC Log would usually suggest no more than 50 QSOs because it would tax the PC's resources.

I'm currently using version 7.0.4 and that setting used to be under the topic "list". I see how to include from record X to record Y, and other ways to limit the number of QSOs from my logbook but I've searched and searched and don't see that previous way to limit the QSOs to a given number.  Currently, my whole lof of 78,000 QSOs is opening and the PC is working at a snail's place when I run AC Log.

Where is that old setting so I can limit my QSOs to 25 or, at most 50?  I'm guessing there is an easy way and I'm missing it, but Ive given up trying to find it.


Chris  NU1O

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