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Scott Davis

Hi Matt,

Thanks for your suggestion.

Yes, alerting to needed spots is definitely a possibility, especially now that I am modifying ACLog so that all the contacts are in RAM.  I am also indexing lists such as Countries, States, etc., so the lookups will be MUCH faster.

Here is my situation, and I'm really interested in everyone's feedback.  I have a long list of enhancements for ACLog.  Many of them won't take much time, only a day or so individually, but lumped together it will be some time before they are all ready.  I can either wrap up version 2.4 with ONLY the enhancement of faster lookups and indication of "New" for each field that is new, and have that ready to go shortly.  The other option is to incorporate more of the enhancement list into 2.4, but it will be a while before it is ready. 

I'm excited about the faster performance and I'm leaning towards making that available as soon as I can.  So, if some of the feature requests don't make 2.4 hang in there.  There are lots more on the way and I'm getting more great suggestions all the time.


Scott, N3FJP

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In a message dated 07/11/03 7:29:29 PM Eastern Daylight Time, mattpatt@... writes:

This may be a long shot but here goes...

How hard would it be to have ACLog notify you when a new DX entity
that youdon't have in your log has been spotted in the DX spotting
window?  All youwould need would be a simple pop up window or sound
that would notify the user that there's a new DX entity that's been
spotted.  Maybe even give the frequency and the time?  Reason I ask
is because alot of times I'm setting here at my PC and have ACLog
minimized and conntected to the Telnet cluster while doing other
things on the computer.  It would be helpful if you could somehow
notify the user that there's a new DX entity thats just been
spotted.  Just a thought.


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