Frustrated as all get out!!!!!!!!!

Chris Christenberry

I've had the Amateur Logging program for a couple of weeks now.  Rockin' right along.  Everything seemed to be working like clockwork.  Frequency was following both my Kenwood TS-590SG and the SDR Uno program.  Then seemly for no reason the logging program stopped following my rig.  To my knowledge, I did nothing to initiate the change.  I've had all sorts of problems because I keep getting a message saying Com Port 3 isn't available.  When I went to check, Com Port 3 was missing.  Messed around with all sorts of things and then, as if by magic, Com Port 3 showed up in my list again.  Was able to get the Logging program to hook up to the radio.........until I turned it off.  Been searching and reading all over this forum and trying things I've read.  Then my Uno stopped following the rig.  Turned off the logging program and turned it back on and there's no following of the frequency.  So no neither Uno or Amateur Logging will follow my rig.  I've been yanking on my hair so hard I've little left.  I'm fairly tech illiterate, so for me to get this far with it is a great accomplishment..............but I'm still not there..........not getting the N3FJP software to follow my rig without failing later.

If anyone has the patience to walk me through this labyrinth, I'd sure appreciate it.

73s Chris KX5ALC

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