Re: ACL Performance

Dan Morris

John - here is an idea since I see what you are hunting for. Download a little know program called Award Tracker by WtDJT,David. Once you have it set up to bring in ACLog, you can then creat your own search for specific records which were not sent to LoTW. It is a very powerful little program and you can search on virtually any field in ACLog.

You would need to know just a little bit of SQLite queries to get what you want once you have one query, it is very easy to create others.

Dan Morris KZ3T

On Jan 11, 2022, at 4:07 PM, John N0TA <reillyjf@...> wrote:

Another failed message. Here's the rest:

I just reset my List default back to 50, and tried two List All's.  Both resulted in the following error:
   Exception of type. 'System.OutOfMemoryException' was thrown
ACL is then locked, so it essentially crashed. In both cases, it took about 1 minute 40 seconds for the error message to appear.

Essentially, this prevents me from Listing All of my QSO's. Does anyone think this is acceptable?

The reason I sometimes need to list all QSO's is to find LoTW upload errors. Usually they are buried back several hundred QSO's, and I have to look for a Black line of data which means the QSO did not upload to LoTW.. I then either Delete the QSO, or fix the problem.
  - John

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