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Larry Banks

Hi Chris,

After you get back from the orthopedic docs you might want edit the Cabrillo -- fairly simple with Notepad -- and send it in to the contest sponsor with a note about your foot.  I did this when sending in a VHF log in 2015 after I had a (thankfully mild) heart attack on the Sunday of the contest.  The sponsors accepted it, even though late.

Larry / W1DYJ

On 12/15/2021 15:03, Christopher Scibelli via wrote:
Sorry, Larry, I haven't read my messages since Monday.

The cause of my problem was using the DX version of the 10-meter program.  I figured that out on Monday.  I entered about 20 QSOs into the correct log but each had to be entered manually.  The date had to be edited for each QSO and I'd have to constantly switch between programs to get the time, state, and any serial numbers I received from DX stations.  I'm having a problem with my cast eating into my foot so I have to go back to the Orthopedic docs and have somebody put on a new cast.  I'm not going to manually type in another 150 QSOs so this year I won't submit my log.  It's no big deal and my sincere thanks to all who offered assistance.


Chris  NU1O

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Hi Chris,

Did you use the US or DX version of the program.  The DX version uses serial numbers.

Larry / W1DYJ

On 12/13/2021 14:30, Christopher Scibelli via wrote:
OK, Kevin.  Yes, I did use the 10 meter contest program created by N3FJP.  I do not recall filling in the setup page as you did.

Is there a way I can redo that and then upload my QSOs to the program again so I need not enter each and every QSO?



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Your Cabrillo file is not correct. It is showing a serial number (001, 002, 003) for the sent exchange, where it should say MA
Check your Cabrillo file with a text editor. It should look like the picture above.
In your original post, you said you used AC log, I assume you didn’t and you actually used the 10M contest.
In the Setup (CTRL-S) you do have MA, Correct ?
And when you write the Cabrillo file,
make sure you picked the correct contest
73 Kevin
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Hi Chris,

It looks like you sent a serial number, not MA as your exchange.

Larry / W1DYJ

On 12/13/2021 13:14, Christopher Scibelli via wrote:
I've been in the ARRL 10 meter contest for decades using AC Log.  I've never had this problem submitting my log. Last night I finished the contest and completed a Cabrillo file.  Today I uploaded it to the website given on WA7BNM's contest website.  After uploading I got an error that EVERY single QSO I uploaded was an error.

I think this has to do with the way Massachusetts is broken up on the ARRL's contest upload page.  I am in Western Mass. but during the contest, we don't differentiate between Western and Eastern Mass.  We just give our report as 59 or 599 MA.  Not 59 Western MA or Eastern MA.  At least that's how every station I worked in Massachusetts replied to me when I worked stations in my home state. However, when I upload my Cabrillo file to the ARRL's 10-meter page it is asking me whether I am in Eastern or Western Mass. I enter Western Mass. because that is where I'm located, and I think that's what's causing the error but I have no choice but to enter Western Mass.

However, upon submittal, I am receiving an error for every single QSO.  Here is a copy of my basic info and the first few QSOs that came back from the ARRL's 10-meter upload page.
Call Sign:

Single Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High Power

Created from Number of operators question (Answer: Only one)
Created from Spotting assistance question (Answer: Yes)

Created from Highest power question (Answer: More than 150W)




Station Grid:


QSOs in Log:

ERROR-->Following QSO errors were found:
  • Sent qth (001) for 161 of 161 QSOs doesn't match qth associated with location (WMA) selected on this web form.
  • QSO: 28000 PH 2021-12-11 0044 NU1O 59 001 KC1XX 59 NH
    sent exchange qth (001) not valid
  • QSO: 28000 PH 2021-12-11 0046 NU1O 59 002 W1TJL 59 CT
    sent exchange qth (002) not valid
  • QSO: 28000 PH 2021-12-11 0047 NU1O 59 003 W1TRK 59 MA
    sent exchange qth (003) not valid
  • QSO: 28000 PH 2021-12-11 0048 NU1O 59 004 N1LZF 59 MA
    sent exchange qth (004) not valid

What the hell am I doing wrong?  I am sitting here with a broken ankle,  I am in a lot of pain and my patience is at an all-time low.  I usually can solve most problems on my own but in the condition,  I am currently in, I'm just not my normal self.  Can anybody offer help?


Chris  NU1O

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