Re: Modifying the Recent Contacts Window {Contest Software}

Larry Banks

Hi Fred,

With the log open, just type "CNTRL-SHIFT-F"

Larry / W1DYJ

On 12/13/2021 21:03, Fred, W9KEY wrote:

This question is specifically aimed at the N3FJP Contest Software packages ….

Just finished the ARRL 10 meter contest.  As always, the logging software worked flawlessly!


However, I wanted to modify the “Recent Contacts” window to include a “Frequency” column, probably just after the “Date/Time” field ; and probably eliminate the Operator column.

The Frequency is recorded for each logged contact, but I could only see that information by selecting the logged contact, selecting Edit, then choosing “More”. 


But I couldn’t figure out how to modify the main window to include the Frequency field (by default) on the main display.

Having an exact frequency would speed up the process of determining if a searched station was already in the log.


Anyone know how / or if this can be done?

73 ….. Fred,  W9KEY

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