Re: N3FJP Country Files - 21 July 2021

Fred, W9KEY

Jim - thanks for posting and your continuing work maintaining the list!!  Much appreciated!

As a suggestion to Scott - It would be "nice" if there was some type of automatic AC Log alert generated, advising each time a new Country File was available.

I'm guessing the vast majority of AC Log users probably get that file during their initial program setup --- but never think about or realize newer versions might be available.
I know I didn't until seeing your recent reminders in this forum.  I was probably using a 12-18 month old file.  For those just reading this for the first time - Entering "VERSION" into the Call Sign field, followed by the TAB key returns the version file country code name (now "Vanuatu") - then don't forget to hit "ESC" to avoid entering that as a logged QSO.

73 ..... Fred,  W9KEY

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