Suggestion for a timestamp on the ACLog LoTW Manager 1.9 form #aclog #lotw

John Huber

Scott / N3FJP,

As part of a future release after ACLog, please consider adding a time stamp on the final message from ACLog after an upload from the LoTW Manager 1.9 form. 

For example, prefix the "Nothing is changed in your log immediately following an upload ..." text with HH:MM:SS so it would read, for example, "12:34:56 Nothing is changed in your log immediately following an upload ...". 

The reason I think this change would be useful is to be able to:
1.  Upload to LoTW.
2.  Check the LoTW Queue - using
3.  Observe the approximate queue processing delay which might be the "ago" value in the "Currently Processing Log Uploaded" column of the LoTW queue query report.  I know this "ago" value can vary during the hour between postings.
4.  WAIT for at least Upload time + the "ago" interval.
5.  Download from LoTW.

Following this process will allow users to guesstimate when their recently uploaded QSO records will be available for download and avoid unnecessary traffic on the LoTW servers.

If the last upload to LoTW date and time happens to be saved somewhere in ACLog data, adding a line to the standard text displayed when opening the LoTW manager form that says something like "Your last upload was on dd-mmm-yyyy at hh:mm:ss." would be useful too for those times when LoTW queue gets many hours long and a user has closed the form after the upload.

Thanks for considering this request.

73,  John / N8FYL

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