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The responses are both correct. If you are in eQSL then use the RED X. Upload as normal from ACLog but when downloading eQSL from ACLog you will get a notice that one or more of the downloads are NOT in your log. I do not let eQSL enter them in my log. After the download I normally look at the entry and jot it down. If it was a digital contact, I will check my digital log and make sure that it is in there. There have been times when my PSK Express has not auto-logged to ACLog but not very often. It is pretty reliable.

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On Jul 2, 2021, at 12:58 AM, Dennis Wage <dwage@...> wrote:

EQSL is getting on my last nerve.

This non ham, I1-21171, keeps logging me on eqsl and LOTW rejects that callsign. I do not want these errors in my log. I DO NOT want this guy logging me anymore. It's a daily fight to get eqsl to remove that entry from my log. 

Short of just not using EQSL anymore what can I do?
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