ACLog, WSJTx, and Gridtracker #wsjtx

Scott Krell

Hi all,  I am struggling with getting all three connected and working as designed.  I have searched forums and watched hours of Youtube, but am missing something with the setup.  I really love the new callsign color coding that ACLog will display in WSJTx and want to keep that along with showing the grids that Gridtracker displays.  I do start ACLog first, then WSJTx and then Gridtracker.

Seems as though I can get ACLog and WSJTx to play together, or WSJTx and Gridtracker to play, but not all three.  I am sure it has to do with my Port Assignments and UDP settings across the three programs.  Unfortunately, I am not schooled enough in ports and multicast to figure it out.  Any help would be appreciated with specific settings in each program.  Many thanks,  Scott

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