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Bob Willey K3RLW

From their new AI Technology: Juliet We've never done any satellite work here, but other users have reported success by adding the Prop_Mode and Sat_Name fields to the main form and filling in the values LoTW and the TQSL software are looking for accordingly. You can configure AC Log with these fields on the main form by following the instructions detailed here

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I see that “Satellite” is listed as a separate band as the rules require. Are there any fields that must be changed by the user to produce a valid FD adif for conversion to cabrillo? Prop_Mode appears to be covered by having “Satellite” as the band. But what about something like SAT_Name or the uplink band? Or are those only for LoTW uploads and not necessary on FD contest records? Tnx de KN2K

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